Pete was 10 years old - he was the first out of the bus-a little in shock. The guys saw him staring at the spinning front tire. His memory is fascinating. There may have been a head injury that we did not know about until now, 25 years later. You tell me-Pete shares "his story" ...

So there we were....flying through the Rocky Mountains.  Dad needed to use the restroom, so he asked me to fly the plane.  Becky was eating Doritos, Bernie was being awesome and my arch enemy Chris Gillott (AKA The Good Son) was doing homework like a loser.

Then there was a loud BANG and all of a sudden we lost hydraulics and I struggled to control the plane as it banked to the right.  You have no idea the forces that are unleashed when a 2 ton plane, carrying a ton of equipment and my brothers' as well as my father’s noses (did you ever see them? They are huge)…but I digress …  loses a wing. Then, we hit a cloud and snow shot up the windows of the plane.
The restroom door flew open and Dad was launched from it, wearing just his keyboard scarf but no pants...toilet paper went everywhere.  I looked out the window and the right wing was GONE!!!.   Bernie rushed into the cockpit, hopping over dad, and tried to help in the co-pilot’s seat, but he only made things worse so I punched him in the stomach, accidentally rupturing his spleen because I’m so strong.


  In the middle of all the action, that Chris guy twisted his ankle, while trying to sharpen his pencil.  Now back to the good part....I struggled against the controls, dodging mountains and trees as we approached the ground.   Bernie began to cry so I slapped him again and yelled...GET HOLD OF YOURSELF BROCEPHUS!!!!  
Pete & Jess

In the last few minutes before landing, all cockpit controls failed so I was forced  to steer the plane from outside the fuselage by pulling up and down on the aileron or flap on the one remaining wing. The landing was rough but successful...the plane hit a guardrail flipped in the air and landed on the roof pinching Becky's hair between her chair and the luggage compartment above.   The emergency windows popped open on impact and everyone on the plane was instantly cold, especially Dad who was still not wearing any pants.

When the plane hit the ground, I was tossed from the wing into a nearby pine tree that sprung back launching me in a snow bank.  I looked up and the tires on the front landing gear were still spinning.  I had done it!!  

IPete the Fixer

I had saved the Von Slap Family Singers and the entire Teen Challenge Canadian National Choir. God bless the 54th.   That’s exactly what happened ...I remember it like it was yesterday. pg(Creed)
Cathy SHARES...our son, Pete, occasionally has a little different (quite humorous and imaginative) take on things. This is how he “remembers” the accident. I did notice he left out the part where he “lost” his Doritos down the front of his jacket. (smile) He was the only one who threw up- maybe Bern was right--head injury. Gotta love him. (We really do)!
Pete and Jess
Tee Challenge Choir
Chris Gillott (mom says)
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