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The Bus Accident:
I remember October 21, 1991 very well. I remember being at a truck stop just before leaving for the foothills of the Rockies. We knew a storm was coming, but at that point it was kind of like the calm before the storm. We hoped for the best, but we knew we had trouble ahead. A couple of hours into the trip, we found ourselves in the middle of the storm with poor visibility. I was sitting in the middle of the bus and had just finished listening to a teaching tape when the wind caught the bus and we started skidding out of control, sideways along the highway. It happened really quickly.

I never saw anything, but I remember feeling a rush like I was on an amusement ride – except I wasn't amused and it certainly wasn’t an amusement ride- This was the real thing and who knew how it would end?

It ended very quickly. We slammed to a stop suddenly in a ditch literally upside down. I remember seeing the bus windows open (as they are designed to in an accident) and I immediately bolted for the outside.

Wayne  Spence Spike Street band

When I got outside it was completely calm. , Following the crash there was an eerie silence, nothing but the the silence of falling snow. At that point, I was the only person outside. I quickly realized I wasn't dressed for the weather and I decided to crawl back into bus and look for a coat. By that time, everyone else started moving and we jointly entered into survival mode. I remember for the first ten minutes or so, wondering who might be missing and if we would find anyone was seriously injured or dead. Praise the Lord the worst of it was cuts and bruises or broken and cracked bones!

One thing that really stood out to me was Bernie calmly leading us, even though he had a son with a broken leg and young daughter trapped with her hair caught in the bus. He even took the time to free her, a couple of strands at a time, without cutting her hair!

Afterwards, Bernie and I were the only ones left at the accident scene as we waited for the emergency people to deal with the accident. During that time I played photographer and a number of the posted pics were actually taken by me.
It was quite the experience to go through and amazingly we only missed one meeting. To a man, everyone stepped out in faith and in spite of injury together we finished the tour, street, churches and prison that took us another two weeks to Vancouver, British Columbia and home.


Testimony" In December 1989, after 10 years of partying, I got out of jail on a Friday and on a Monday entered the Teen Challenge program. In the program I was loved, discipled, healed, and delivered. Since graduation and for the last 25 years I have served as a missionary in my homeland.

I have worked with with alcoholics and addicts through the ministry of Teen Challenge in London, Ontario. I have also graduated Bible College and have been ordained for a number of years. Today, I serve as the Evangelism Coordinator for Teen Challenge, discipling the men in the program and ministering the gospel on the streets, in hostels, and in jails, in and around London.

I also minister in a band called the Street Band with four other Teen Challenge graduates, including two who were in the bus accident, Robert Spence and Michael Pattik.

We regularly minister in a high risk area of Toronto and in jails around Ontario.

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