Only heaven will tell the geopolitical implications of the move of the Holy Spirit and Pentecost across Eastern Europe 30 years ago. as God brought down the Iron Curtain ~~~

This historic photo was taken in Karkut, Hungry after a Teen Challenge prayer meeting on was the eve of the fall of Communism in. On November 17, 1989, riot police attempted to suppress a student demonstration in Prague.

It sparked a series of popular demonstrations. By Nov. 20, the number of peaceful protesters assembled in Prague had swollen from 200,000 the previous day, to an estimated half-million people. As fear gripped the nations, believers began to pray. Together TC leaders interceded. As God's presence fell in the TC prayer meeting that night, the word of the Lord came

"God will bring down this government without the shedding of one more drop of blood." This was a bold word because such political adventurism had been recently been greeted with tanks and gunfire in both Poland and Hungary.

In the morning Tom Bremer, Petr Ministr and the Teen Challenge team awakened to dancing in the streets at the news that the Communist government had fallen. Called "the velvet Revolution" by historians, the Czech government fell according to the word of the Lord, "without the shedding of one more drop of blood. The Velvet Revolution" is seen as one of the most important of the Revolutions of 1989. The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia announced on November 28 that it would relinquish power and dismantle the single-party state. Barbed wire and other obstructions were removed from the border with West Germany and Austria, the door for the gospel was open. President Gustáv Husák appointed the first largely non-Communist government in Czechoslovakia since 1948, and resigned.

Petr Minitr 2009
Petr Ministr, pioneered Teen Challenge Czech Republic for over 20 years. Their team has piloted the ministry of Teen Challenge to one largest Teen Challenges on the continent at the cutting edge for Europe. TC Czech Republic hosted the 40th anniversary in Prague. Petr is now pioneering again in a sensitive nation.
Prayer covered Europe as the political Landscape changed!
Sasha- Svetlana The move toward Freedom was under-girded by prayer and the power of God across Eastern Europe. As war raged in the Balkans, Over a decade ago,Tom Bremer joins TC Leaders, With total disregard for personal safety, they interceded for God to release real freedom in the Spirit for Serbia. Serbia Teen Challenge is now on the cutting edge. Under new leadership Serbia continues to thrive with men's and women's Centers

Leaders prayed, God continued to move. As victories were won in the Spirit, changes
came to the nations. Yes, the political landscape changed, and God's love for
Europe has remained unchanging.

TODAY, Europe faces a critical new challenge, the Islamization of Europe. As nations across the continent face "negative population growth" for the first time in history The influx of immigrants of other faiths have flooded Europe and Christianity is being supplanted as the primary faith of Europe. The very cradle of Evangelism which launched global evangelism is now in desperate need of a move of God. Statistical studies demonstrate that without a drastic demographic change 6 traditionally Christian European countries may be Muslim nations in the next 10 years.

Harvard historian, Niall Ferguson, suggests that the rise of Islam, could transform the continent from Europe to “Eurabia." Europe has long been a a challenge to vibrant faith compared with the rest of the world. In some nations church attendance has fallen to under 4%. It is easy to find evidence of the decay.

But, in Prayer, Europe Teen Challenge continues to fan the flames of Revival.
To whom forgiven ... they LOVE much

I have visited abandoned and secularized churches, relics of past moves of God. Many are now transformed into little more the museums or furniture stores. In England, in the church that was home to" Outpouring" in the Anglican Church with excitement I met the vicar.

I asked," How goes the more of God?
"It is over," He answered, but we soldier on."

As addiction continues too rise, opioid, heron and meth - Amphetamine, Teen Challenge occupies singular position with a unique opportunity to revitalize Christ-centered faith as they face cutting edge issues. Methadone, once seen a a bridge to freedom from addiction is now the decision of choose as methadone treatment and transitioned to methadone maintenance. Bringing the claims of the gospel and power of the Holy Spirit to this cutting-edge issue all we are seeing God transform lives and communities through to the power of Jesus Christ.

From Slovenia ... we heard the testimony of a car, donated by Don Wilkerson to The Europe Teen Challenge Office almost forty years go. The vehicle was then donated to Slovenia by the ETC office. It is still serviceable. It is still on the road. The word of God declares that as Israel prepared to enter the promised land their shoes on their feet did not wear. out. The testimony of ETC is that neither do cars. Tom shared, God is reminding us, the old things do not wear out. Those are old things we need never lose. . . Prayer, servant hood, a heart for the lost, and the power of God. These will hold us in good stead until Jesus returns.
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Terri and Tom