Personal Note from Jerry Nance

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Dr. Jerry Nance
Jerry Nance

I want to write you and let you know that the GTC team is praying God's very best for you and your family. We trust you will have the best year ever.

This past year has been challenging, and we have no idea what lies ahead. However, we know that God can help us as we pray. I was recently made aware of the Awake 21 prayer and fasting emphasis and want to be a part of it. I also thought you and your ministry may want to participate.

This prayer event is not meant to interfere with any plans you already have for your ministry - it only adds to it. Additionally, if the dates don't work out with your schedule, please feel free to change them to meet your needs.

We hope you will join Global Teen Challenge and Awake 21 and be a part of this powerful experience as we position ourselves, our churches, and our leadership for maximum effectiveness in 2011.

EM Bounds wrote, "Prayer means power, and more prayer means more power."

If EM Bounds is correct then we should see powerful results as we take the time to pray, fast and focus on loving Jesus.

Jerry Nance PhD
Global Teen Challenge

We want to hear from you.

If you and/or your ministry choose to participate in this time of prayer and fasting, would you please let us know. This will be a great encouragement to me and our leaders. Contact Global TC:

If you have a special prayer need that you would like us to share with Teen Challenge ministries around the world, please email them to us and we will pass them on to the other centers.  Please email us at

Global Teen Challenge
P.O. Box 511
Columbus, Georgia 31902-0511