~~FACTS: the ANTI`-drug ~~ ~~FACTS: the ANTI`-drug ~~FACTS: the ANTI`-drug ~~FACTS: the ANTI`-drug ~~FACTS: the ANTI`-drug ~~
xDrug Info: Amphetamines

Speed, whiz, uppers, amph, billy, sulphate
The most popular new drug of the new millennium is Methamphetamine, meth, or crystal , is a synthetic chemical that acts as a stimulant. It is snorted, injected, smoked or swallowed.  Users experience an initial rush that lasts only a few minutes. Taking by mouth or sniffing produces euphoria-
a "high," but not a rush.

Gray or white powder that is snorted, swallowed, smoked, injected or dissolved in a drink.

Tablets which are swallowed.

Meth can damage blood vessels in the brain, leading to strokes (which produce irreversible damage).


Meth users may have cracked teeth due to extreme jaw-clenching during a methamphetamine high.

Creating a sense of energy, meth can push the body faster and further than it’s meant to go.  It increases the heart rate, blood pressure, and the risk of stroke

excitement – the mind races and users feel confident and energetic.

while on the drug, some users become tense and anxious;

leaves users feeling tired and depressed for one or two days and sometimes longer;

high doses repeated over a few days may cause panic and hallucinations;

long-term use puts a strain on the heart;

heavy, long-term use can lead to mental illness;

mixing Viagra with amphetamines may increase the risk of heart problems.


In the short term, meth causes mind and mood changes, often making the user feel very anxious.

Long-term effects can include .chronic fatigue, paranoid or delusional thinking, hallucinations and mood disorders.

Meth is very powerful and highly addictive.  Users become tolerant to its effects, and need to increase the amount they take to feel the same way they did the first time they took it.

Meth increases heart rate, blood pressure, and the risk of stroke.  It can kill you the first time you take it.  An overdose of meth can result in heart failure.  

Long-term physical effects such as liver, kidney, and lung damage may also kill you.