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14  Justice is turned back, And righteousness stands far away; For truth has stumbled in the street, And uprightness cannot enter.

Isaiah 59:15

I have said these things to you that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation
but take heart, I have overcome the world

John 16:33

Right now one thing is in short supply -- peace. In Habakkuk, the house of Israel seemed at peace surrounded by destruction and violence (Hab 1:2-3).
The prophet cries out. "How long will I call for help and you will not hear ...
Why? Why?
He was like us. He wanted to understand.

In John 16 Jesus reminds us that our peace is not in "understanding," but in HIM.
God's answer to Habakkuk was, "Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! Behold I am going to do something in your days—You would not believe if I told you." Habakkuk 1:5

So many are quoting this verse, but most miss God's answer to Habakkuk. He says, "I hear you, I am about to do something but it is judgment (not blessing) that is coming!
Fast forward to 2020.
Just one plague & look what is happening today! Just ONE plague.

David Wilkerson saw this prophetically.

I remember when he told us over a decade ago:

America today is under the seductive power of a satanic lie. Yet, before I say anything more, please know that what I speak here has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with spiritual truth. The fact is, our nation’s leaders have cast aside God’s Word, showing no respect for biblical truth. And now the Lord has allowed a deception to fall upon us.


The demonic lie blanketing America today is a false peace-the idea we can do whatever we please with no fear of consequences. We have crossed a line in this deception and now judgment is COMING.

Paul lays out this divine judgment in Romans one. He speaks of those who once held to biblical truth but attempted to retain the truth while walking in unrighteousness. They wanted God’s Word and their lust at the same time. So the Lord turned them over to reprobate minds. They wanted to believe a lie and He sent a strong delusion upon them.

Americans are gambling on the stock market like drunken sailors—and prospering. A survey says 65%  of college students cheat and think there is nothing wrong with it. People of all ages are treating God’s laws casually, thinking, “What I’m doing must be okay, because I’m getting away with it.” Truth is fallen in the streets.     
We constantly hear lies, cover-ups and manipulations from our nation’s capital.  But the strong delusion our nation is under is not simply about the sordid mess in Washington, D.C

Today, many Americans have turned a blind eye to both sin and lies, saying none of it matters. Satan’s deceiving power goes far beyond those treacheries and depravity. His big lie is an outpouring from  hell against God’s people. Paul warns, “The time will come when they will not endure sound  doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers,  having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and  shall be turned unto fables [lies]” (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

As I recalled Bro Wilkerson’s words, I am reminded of the promise of God to raise up a faithful remnant. This is a spiritual battle, not a political struggle. We need to step up to the real spiritual battle before us- the fake peace has been shattered. The consequences of careless indifference to sin in the name of tolerance have yielded a horrible harvest. The continuing Holocaust of aborted babies and celebration of perversion as heroism are just the tip of the iceberg, as America tries to write God out of narrative of our culture.

Two lies prevail in this hour. One lie says there is NO systemic racism-it's all made up. The other lie is that ALL of the problems endured by people of color in this nation are a result of systemic racism. Both positions “have truth, but neither are “the truth.”

Unquestionably, when it takes 74 days and a graphic, viral video of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder to see an arrest, there are still systemic problems! On the other hand, the brutal murder of George Floyd is more about the depraved indifference for human life by officer Derek Chauvin as he knelt on Brother Floyd's neck until he died than the use of choke-holds. Still to blame all police for Chauvin's hideous act is not right. I know many godly police officers who love and serve their community and some who have given their lives to protect the innocent.

The father wound of our nation, especially in the inner city has created a disconnected generation with a spirit of violence & fear. There is an epidemic of fatherless children, while we make jokes about baby mamas. May the Family of God rise up to minister to the needs of fatherless children and share the Father's LOVE.

When we are all done marching and washing feet 
(and there is a time for that) --it is time for the Body of Christ to rise up in repentance, intercession and ACTION.

In a
fear-filled world,
need a courageous church

2 Chronicles 7:14: "If MY PEOPLE, who are called by MY NAME, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, THEN, will I HEAR from heaven, FORGIVE their sins and HEAL their land."

This is not a command for the world to repent, God is calling to HIS PEOPLE, not the culture. In a fearful world, people need a courageous church. A church that will boldly stand up for the Word of God-and LIVE IT! Jesus was clear, they will know we are Christians by our love for one another. That starts in the church and we can carry it to the world.We cannot pretend to love one another if we cannot weep for innocent.

Let there be peace on earth--and let it begin WITH ME and you.


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