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This week in


Is was a  tremendous honor to join Johannes Amritzer and a lean but powerful MISSION SOS team. We invaded the Serengeti to minter in the Massai Mara as we carried the good news to Kilgoris, Kenya with a team of TC East Africa leaders from Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, and the USA. It was my first experience ministering to the Massai. The Maasai, who have been known for centuries as fearsome hunters and warriors showed a real interest in Spiritual warfare and the things of GOD.

Their hunger for God and the supernatural to be energizing and challenging as many turned from tradition and their "local worship of Engai" to experience life and freedom in Jesus. The week was filled with miracles of healing, salvation and deliverance. I love how they "ran to the altar" to receive Jesus
-just click here to watch this 30 second clip of ALTAR CALL.

As always, our focus is not just the event and ministry, but training young leaders in supernatural evangelism to carry a fresh passion for outreach back to their centers. It was great to travel with Aaron Bugbe as he filled in for Cathy. TC Kenya Evangelist Joseph Countryman along with Center directors Lucas Orimba (TC Kenya), Felix Mbithi (TC Nakuru)  and Peter Ndrangu (TC Nairobi)  are raising up powerful evangelists.


We are praying that they will take what God showed them and what they learned and reproduce supernatural ministry in the staff and students in their Centers. Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and partnership that made it possible for us to put together such a powerful team and invest in the future of TC Africa through evangelism. We are looking froward to our next major outreach in Narok, Kenya in June 2020. JOIN US !


As exciting as the thousands that gathered each night at the festival grounds, every date teams were on the street. Over 3000 people made first-time commitment to Jesus Christ during street meeting all around the city. Teen challenge students and leaders did an amazing job in dance, drama, and preaching with the other mission SOS Teams all under the direction of first time festival coordinator Alicia Amritzer.


The SOS kids team was a bit shorthanded, so Kenya Teen Challenge, Asta from Burundi TC, and Arron Bugbee committed to Laura Wiberg, SOS Kids director and Pam Ayers (Discipleship Coordinator) to serve at the festival. We ministered thousands of young people. Aaron, Charles and Robert works so hard on tents, staging and sound. The SOS kids team was amazing! It was exciting to see children laying hands on their friends as the lame walked, the blind saw, and most importantly thousands of kids committed their lives to Jesus Christ. On Saturday, for the fun day, SOS KIDS hosted and fed over 3000 children. This 2 minute video tells the story.

Massai Ministry

It was wonderful to be honored by Massai leadership with tribal regalia, to see God at work and to enjoy my cow.
Before and after the SOS Mission I was blessed to minister to the TC Students in Nairobi, (men and women) as well as the men's second phase TC in Nakuru.
Symposium on Addiction
Movie Night-
So many came to Jesus as we took the Cross and the Switchblade to the street.
Bern "The angel said to them, "do not be afraid for behold I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all people . . .
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom he is well pleased."
Luke 2:10...15&15

Isn’t it fascinating that during this Christmas season, at the time when the Angels proclaimed on a hillside “peace on earth,” our culture has twisted that promise into a puzzling dissonance of pressure, pain, sentiment and confusion. We get so focused on finding the perfect gift, that we forget God has already sent the perfect gift.

The enemy of peace at Christmas time is not people, pressure, the culture, situations or the relentless demands of work, family and circumstances. It is  our incessant desire that everything be perfect. It is our belief that this time of year should fulfill all of our expectation. That belief demands far too much from "a season" when even God himself offered a totally different view. From fearful shepherds to jealous kings, to an overly ambitious innkeeper more concerned with vacancies than eternity, Christmas shows up full of surprises.

The biggest surprise of all is that Jesus, incarnation of Almighty God and creator of it all does not arrive to the palace of a king, in royalty or the halls of the intellectuals, but in a common feeding trough surrounded only by his mother, father and shepherds (the bottom rung of the social ladder). God chose shepherds, forbidden from testifying in court because they we considered unreliable, to testify of His incredible Birth.

All of human history turns on the hinges of the door of an obscure stable in Bethlehem.


People can argue all they want about whether they believe in God or not but the facts are undisputed - the truth is incontrovertible, all of human history changed with the arrival of the infant. All of art, religion, science and history were impacted by HIS incarnation. All of human history turns on the hinges of an obscure stable in Bethlehem.

SO in your quest for Christmas perfection, don't miss a simple truth. When heaven came down and appeared to humanity it was not in the image of perfection. God did arrive looking like a deliverer or a king. God's love was manifested in the person of a child. Some called Him the illegitimate son of a homeless peasant family with nowhere to stay. The Prince of peace did not come clothed in power, but in an animals feeding trough wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Was this was the first time "God in a feeding trough" would find himself wrapped in thin strips of cloth, as was the custom in Israel -a arms and legs wrapped tightly and immobilized. A picture of the total vulnerability of Messiah come to give His Life for the world. The next time he would be wrapped in cloth would be as they laid Him in a tomb. . Don not miss this -- neither the swaddling clothes of the manger or the burial clothes of a tomb could stop God releasing his grace to your life. And this promise is peace. If you measure your value by likes on Face-book or instagram you are missing the most important this--God Friended You.

God offers peace, but not like you expect him to bring it. If this year does not measure up to you expectations, let it go. It’s not about my preferences. It may not live up to your exact specifications. We need to look past the Christmas Magic a nd look past the mystery to the Majesty. Out of this Majesty comes t3eh reality. God loves to show up with superposes




2019 was a year of miracles. You were not with us on the ground in NIGERIA-overcoming a busy schedule, promising opportunity-many expenses transporting the TC National Choir and ministry, or in Kenya as we battled an Indian El Niño and weather patterns that left hundreds of thousands homelss, but you are with us through prayers and giving.
We face some tremendous financial challenges as we close out 2019 covering expenses that took us from from Egypt to Nigeria to Kenya.Now, we look ahead to 2020. Thank you for standing with us, praying for us and as the Lord leads, partnering with your special gift.




We are not in a position to post our full 2020 schedule yet. There are exciting opportunities and amazing open doors standing before us. As you have seen over our more than 43 years of Teen Challenge ministry our heart is to carry the gospel message from the lost in refugee camps, ghetto, prisons, schools and on the street to political leaders as God grants us grace to speak truth to power.

We pray that wherever hurting people are found, that’s where you will find us. There are some sensitive nations which I will not be able to mention online as well as continuing partners like Mission SOS in NAROK, Kenya (June) & Jimma, Ethiopia (Oct) that offer exciting continuing opportunities.

As we are sorting through invitations and following up with our schedule, securing appropriate permissions from Global Teen Challenge Regional Directors And Our Global Headquarters in Georgia we know God is putting together a plan for us to continue our efforts to “PUT HOPE WITHIN Reach we seek the Lord for His direction. We are praying over some exciting pending invitations for 2020 and praying for the Lord's direction and clear guidance in partnership with GTC World Headquarters in Columbus, GA.\

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email us at
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Sat/Sunday, December 14/15,
Calvary Family Christmas
Hampton, Virgina


Sunday, January 12, 2020
Smithfield Assembly of God
Smithfield, Virgina ~~10:00 am


Sunday, January 12, 2020
Lighthouse Church
Gloucester, Virgina ~~ 8:00 & 10:00 am

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Again I say
unto you,
That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done
for them of
my Father which is in heaven.











Let us continue to pray for lasting fruit. It is exciting to engage a small town like Kilgoris, because we were able to so powerfully blanket every part of the city, that it will profoundly impact not only the individuals who met Jesus, but the entire community.

At the same time, SOS church has launched a Bible college and Dr Owbaka is praying about starting a Teen Challenge there. To engage the growing alcohol and drug problem in the city among the Massai.
THANK YOU FOR PRAYING WITH TC KENYA TC and the SOS TEAM as we ministered to the Masai in Kilgoris. THANKS to YOUR PRAYER- WE OVERCAME weather, tradition and Spiritual opposition to glorify the KING and the GOOD NEWS was PREACHED!


The strength of this 2019 dipole is of a magnitude not seen in years, perhaps even decades. Continuing heavy deluges will sweep across the country.
The Indian Ocean dipole, sometimes called the Indian El Niño, is an irregular change in the sea temperature in the western (near Kenya's coast) and eastern (closer to Australia) areas of the Indian Ocean. When the ocean around East Africa is far warmer than usual, there is higher evaporation and moist air flowing inwards into East African countries as heavy rains. She predicted the current rainfall would continue until early December. They put on alert people in landslide‐prone areas, especially on the slopes of the Aberdare Ranges, Mt Kenya Kilgores and other hilly areas.

With your help, we trusted God for sunshine, good news, and miracles as we focused on the Maasai, Although the Kenyan and Tanzanian governments have established programs to encourage the Maasai to leave behind their traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle, the Maasai people have carried on their age-old customs. We are coming with GOOD NEWS.


Please pray for David Omih, Ray Ajagbe, Evans Egbe, Emma Nwamuo, and other city coordinators. Please pray for General Superintendent, Dr. Okoroafor and Rev Iyke Okoro who are coordinating our ministry at the
AG Peniel General Council.

Pray for  Nigeria