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GOD IS TRULY AT WORK IN POLAND. My first experience with the Polish team was as Public Service Manager of the Teen Challenge Training Center in 1986. I met Michael Hjdzdik and Miroslav Melskiki of Slupsk. I gave them a tour of the center.They told us that government leaders had heard of the success of Teen Challenge through the book, The Jesus Factor.

They wondered if, as long as we did not get into politics or government, they could use this Jesus factor to help addicts in a communist country. We prayed what seemed an impossible prayer at that time ... the reproduction of the Christ-centered discipleship model in a communist nation. To see how God answered that prayer is nothing short of miraculous.


Some say that the 1979 visit of Polish-born Pope John Paul gave ordinary Polish people courage to face up to their rulers. A year later, Eastern Europe's first free trade union, Solidarity, was born. Poland blazed the trail for freedom as communism fell, but more than that, they were trail blazers for Teen Challenge in Eastern Europe.

The vision for Teen Challenge Poland grew out of 2 weeks of David Wilkerson meetings in 5 major Polish cities in 1986. His visit, sponsored by the Evangelical Union of Polish Churches, had an incredible impact. Over 27,500 attended meetings and 11,700 came forward for prayer and to publicly confess Jesus Christ as Lord. God used Bro. Dave to challenge the church to engage those trapped in the bondage of addiction. They took the challenge. The first center in Slupsk started in Broczyna for both men and women.

Zbigniew Urbaniak

The Netherlands Teen Challenge program in Haarlem sent their entire center (20 people) to build, train, teach and equip this emerging miracle in Poland. They opened with 4 students. Within one year, they had grown to over 25 Students. Under the leadership of Zbginiew Urbaniak, this ministry has grown to a thriving complex of centers across the Polish landscape with residential treatment, reentry, and prevention. In addition, evangelism is still at the heart of Poland Teen Challenge. With an army of sacrificial volunteers, they oversee and operate 32 coffeehouse outreaches impacting lives across Poland.


God is changing lives in Poland

Due to political changes over the last decade, availability of imported heroin has increased and has overtaken homemade opiates known as ‘kompot’ or ‘Polish heroin’.The European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) reports that problem drug use has tripled in the last decade. The escalating problem of drug addiction has created a crisis that calls for people of vision & ministries like Teen Challenge to step into the gap and meet the need. With 34 Coffee houses and a netwrok ofr residential care Cetners they are impacinting Polcand for Jesus Christ

Anton After
(All for the Glory of God)
Thank you so much for investing your time and hearts in prayer for this time of ministry. Poland Teen Challenge is a strategic Teen Challenge resource for the Kingdom in Eastern Europe. They carry a real message of Freedom! Not just freedom "from" but FREEDOM "for" and "to!" ... To take hold of destiny, walk with Jesus, change their nation, to impact the world.

We had a tremendous time with the staff, students and alumni at the TC Training Center in Lekina, Poland at their Alumni gathering in 2013. The Lenkina facility, once a military base- part of a cold war arsenal, is now an outpost for Freedom, as lives are changed by the power of God. Leaders and workers from 32 coffee houses, 3 hostels & residential treatment programs came for fellowship, worship, praise and ministry in the word. We are so blessed because God really showed up in a very powerful way.

Poland Teen Challenge is an amazing ministry. Cathy and I have had the opportunity to sing, minister the word, and pray for the needs of people as God sent fresh fire.
Cathy-Bern Minister
Heavenly Joy
Niebiańska Radość, Polish words of TCP Staff to describe this Altar call - Heavenly Joy. I know all heaven rejoiced with us as many confessed Jesus or drew closer in fresh surrender.
Janucz The TC ministry across Poland is miraculous. Every facility is a testimony of God's power. In post communist Poland, a Colonel sought help for his addicted son. Janusz. He saw the TC waiting list. Desperate to get help, he said, "Get my son in your program, I will find you a place to help others." He found a military base Ośrodek w Łękini. Over a decade later his son is married, has a wonderful wife and son. He directs a centre in the south of Poland. That military base, is now the main Training Center with over a decade of service and facilities to care for 100 men. Janucz & Bogusea

Januucz with is father

Former tank bunkers are renovated and resound with music and prayer as they mount outreach strategies that keep the flame of evangelism alive in Poland.
Tank Bunkers
worship team
Baptism On Sunday we walked through the streets, rejoicing and singing to a lake in the center of the village with students, staff, alumni & over 30 baptismal candidates. Brother Zbigniew shared as acoustic guitars led the praise and worship. What a time in the Lord. baptism walk through town
Communion ministry Dancin Altar
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