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A Call To Prayer

It all began Feb 9, 1958 . . . On February 9th 1958 God put a burden on the heart of David Wilkerson to focus on prayer and spend less time watching TV. He put an advertisement in the newspaper to sell his TV and told the Lord, that if it sells in the first 30 minutes that the newspapers hit homes, that he would know that it was God truly speaking to him to sell it.

Before 30 minutes had passed, David Wilkerson received a call and sold his TV. This was the beginning of 19 days of prayer that laid the foundation for a trip to New York City that led to the birth of Teen Challenge.

During his time of prayer, the February 24th edition of LIFE Magazine landed on his desk. A story of 7 boys on trial for the murder of Michael Farmer caught his eye. As he read the story, the Lord spoke 4 words, "Go help those boys." He decided to drive to New York City and go to the trial. On February 28, David stood in the courtroom on a mission from God. He did not back down from the call as the Lord confirmed that assignment.

Dr Jerry Nance
Life Magazine article
Life Magazine Article

From that day, the Spirit of the Lord began to establish Teen Challenge in the heart of his servant, David Wilkerson. I believe each and every leader of Teen Challenge around the world can have a moment like this,. We all need that moment when the Spirit of God speaks clearly to their heart to "help those boys." or girls, or children. I pray God will refresh, restore and renew our call to help the hurting, the lost and the addicted.

Teen Challenge Southeast Region is hosting a Prayer Summit February 9- 11,

Feb. 9, 2017  6:00 pm EST through  
Feb. 11, 2017  12 pm EST
UTC/GMT -5 hours

This event will be streaming live!  Join us-

Guest Speakers: 
Gary Wilkerson, Dr. Jerry Nance, Bob Rogers, 
Brice Maddock and more

Please join us for our annual, Teen Challenge Prayer Summit, February 9th-11th, 2017. This year’s event will feature Keynote speakers Gary Wilkerson, Dr. Jerry Nance, Bob Rogers, Brice Maddock and more. We look forward to sharing this time of prayer and reflection as we continue to grow as a region and globally throughout the organization of Teen Challenge.

We will take time to reflect on the roots of this ministry. Teen Challenge and Prayer ministry teams will provide a worship teams to lead us between our times of preaching and prayer proclamations. We want to encourage people to participate in the summit and then follow with 40 days of prayer and fasting with intercession with prayer focuses, devotions, and faith proclamations for each of those 40 days.

Teaching, prayers and worship sessions February 9-11 available on line. Join us for this wonderful focus on prayer.

I want to call you to prayer and fasting as the Lord would have you do so. We feel compelled to take this opportunity to highlight our founder's commitment to prayer during the first 58 years of our existence and make prayer a priority for the next 58 years.

You are welcome to come to Columbus, Georgia, for this event, but know that space is limited. Please contact Gary the Teen Challenge International Conference Center:

Jerry Nance
Global Teen Challenge

We want to hear from you.

Global Teen Challenge
P.O. Box 511
Columbus, Georgia 31902-0511
email: gtc@globaltc.org
training website:iteenchallenge.org
If you and/or your ministry choose to participate in this time of prayer and fasting, would you please let us know. This will be a great encouragement to me and our leaders. Contact Global TC: gtc@globaltc.org

If you have a special prayer need that you would like us to share with Teen Challenge ministries around the world, please email them to us and we will pass them on to the other centers.  Please email us at gtc@globaltc.org