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Please pray for Dr. Julio Volce and Haiti Teen Challenge. Hurricane Mathew, the fiercest Caribbean storm in nearly a decade, slammed into Haiti  with 145 mile-per-hour (233 kph) winds and torrential rains that left 1.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. It carved a swath of diestruction and left over 1,000 dead in its wake and still counting. Haiti Teen Challenge is reaching out to impact the the most desperate, through "Haitians Reaching Haitians."

Brother Bernie,

Thank you so very much for your prayers toward Haiti Teen Challenge and the people of Haiti. I am so grateful for brothers like yourself and many other brothers and sisters within the ministry of Teen Challenge here in America and all over the world.

As you know, the South of Haiti has been damaged by a massive hurricane. The people are desperate, hungry, homeless and hopeless.  Radical Muslim is using this situation and other types of strategies to attract the youths. Because they are in a vulnerable position.

 After leading many young men and women to the Lord through our outreach programs.  
We found out many of them would not attend a local church, due to the demand on their physical appearance. The local church puts so much emphasis on what they wear. I was concerned and decided to meet with several church leaders within the well known domination lines. We concluded with their blessings that we needed to create a church culture that would welcome the young men and women. As a result, last March we planted a church tailored mainly toward the youth. Where we would Love God, Serve others as we are building a community of Christ followers.
In the first 5 months, the church grew with over 400 in attendance. Praise the Lord! 

Our challenge in Haiti is growing, because radical Muslims are over funded and the young men and women in the country are so vulnerable. We all know the radical Muslim are only meeting their physical needs. That said, we are very intentional about sharing the Gospel with the young men and women of Haiti through our outreaches. We found the cost of these outreaches to be above our operation budget. However, we are trusting the Lord for provisions!!   

Last Sunday during our worship service, we gave the church and our HTC students a challenge. We offered them the opportunity to sign up to go serve on a mission trip in the South. Over 190 committed to go. As a result we have 12 "Haitians Helping Haitians" Mission Teams scheduled for the next six months. Also, we would like to extend a special invitation the Teen Challenge family to stand with us through mission teams, prayers and financial support as HTC is providing relief and planing to help in the reconstruction of the South- what a great ministry opportunity it is to bring hope the people. Please share with the Teen Challenge centers.

Thank you for standing with us in our efforts to spread the Gospel as we are preparing Haiti's next generation.
P.S. Please find below our HTC Relief Effort update .


Building Leaders Of Integrity
Julio Volcy, D.Min
Executive Director

Haiti Teen Challenge/ Défi Jeunesse D'Haiti
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Haiti, Delmas 75

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A message from Julio Volcy, Executive Director of Haiti Teen Challenge


Your prayers have humbled us at Haiti Teen Challenge. As Hurricane Matthew's pummeled Haiti we knew you were praying.

In its aftermath, I have felt overwhelmed as we witness the hardest hit areas where anything not built from concrete is gone... farm lands are ravaged and destroyed...and food stores have been completely washed away. It is heart breaking; thousands of families, particularly in Les Cayes, Grand Anse, and Jeremie have lost their lives, homes, crops and their hope due to the direct hit by hurricane Matthew.  This area is where many of our staff's immediate family members live and also where Suzette's family is from. Much of the suffering has only just begun. Because of the amount of rain mudslides are still a possibility across the nation and flooding has created great potential for the outbreak of disease.  

At Haiti Teen Challenge we have assessed the most urgent needs with our local partners; in these direct hit areas families are in dire need of shelter, with over 90% of homes destroyed, food sources are absolutely gone, and clean drinking water is a CRITICAL NEED NOW.Without help more people will die.... 

HTC has mobilizedthe HTC RELIEF TEAM.  Our young men and women are gathering food and water, and on Sunday a team will leave for Les Cayes and Port Salute to help with clean up, food and water distribution and the building of shelters.   


This is about Haitians helping Haitians... with our students, our staff and our partners we are ready to serve our people. We are purchasing ALL food and supplies from local Haitian businesses.  20,000 pounds of food has already been delivered to our HTC Center and our students have begun preparing 100,000 meals that they will be distributing.

But, we need your help. In the coming days food is going to be one of the greatest needs in Haiti and HTC is prepared to get these meals to the people and families that need them, along with the message of hope found in Christ.


Every $1.00 donated by you will provide 4
meals for hungry children and families.

You can donate by clicking on the Support HTC Relief Effort Button below. Thank you for helping us bring healing to our families and communities. Your support is empowering Haitians to serve one another.  

"Building godly leaders of integrity,
 so that they rebuild their ruined cities."

PLEASE SHARE THIS message with those you know.

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