But the truth is, as we journey through this life Jesus in the world you would have tribulation. Some feel that the evidence of problems in your life may mean you're out of God's will. Cheer up my brother my sister, sometimes problems of the evidence that. You're right where God wants you and that's where the devil attacks the worst. His mercies are new every morning and I am confident that he's able to keep that which have committed to him. From the miracles in my son's lives, acquires life, that moment when we were able to pull my daughter out of the wreckage, God telling my wife to move her hand just before the accident. Where had she continued to hold their would've been cut off, God can take you through. Trust


Committee things that God does not mean that there will not problems, it means that, on the other side of problems. You will come through victorious in his name. I am confident that he's able to keep that which I've committed. I recall one time the enemy attacking and our entire PA system in stolen in Saginaw, Michigan.


After God replaced that PA system and did some incredible miracles (I will share time to tell you about it). I recall the Holy Spirit saying to me if you're tired of the double stealing from you, give everything you have that God. Double hasn't got the guts or the stuff to commit this take it from God. It is time for us to hold loosely to this Earth's procession and tightly to the one who possesses the year.