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~~ Una Generación Diferente ~ CUBA ~~
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Careless dissemination of this information can put these wonderful people and ministers at risk.
Be sensitive as we pray, focus, and believe for the move of God around the world.
Una Generación Diferente ~ CUBA ~ A Different Generation
Cuba lies between the Caribbean and the North Atlantic Sea. Nestled strategically between light and darkness, this beautiful but controversial island, flanked by seas and beaches, is home to over 11 million people. With one million Evangelicals in Cuba, it presents a tremendous opportunity for evangelism.

CUBA 2010

I was honored to minister for the "Una Generación Diferente" (a different generation) Youth Convention, as God built on 2 previous visits to Cameguay and one to Havana. Over 1,500 young people, mostly the provinces of Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, and Sancti Spiritus as well as Havana and Cameguay come together for ministry. Click here for a photo album of your answered prayers.
Bernie Rapping God truly blessed our time together despite the fact that political issues forced a last minute change of location from the Camillo Cienfuegos venue, to a smaller facility. They added video to a 3rd floor sanctuary, overflow & people in front of the church to accommodate the crowds. Inside with temperatures over 104 degrees and devastating humidity, the young people actively worshiped, participated, and expressed such a hunger for the word that services lasted for hours. Altar calls lasted late into the night.

I ministered on the importance of the power of God and being filled with Holy Spirit. As young people came forward and the crowds from the video sanctuary came down for prayer, they filled the altar, the front, overflowed the center aisle and, spilled into the city street where in open, they prayed to receive Jesus and be filled with God's power.

God's presence was evident. Their hunger for Jesus was clear and the answer to their cry was unmistakable. God delights to answer the prayers of His children. Let Him answer yours TODAY!

Altar call overflows onto the street
Pastor Derys
My Chariot

Thanks to generous donations from Brooklyn Teen Challenge, Don Wilkerson and Dr. Rodney Hart at New England Teen Challenge, we were able to provide meals for the 1,500 young people who came from across Central Cuba to be a part of this outreach.

As exciting as the Youth Convention was, it was exciting to travel the central province for ministry with Pastor Derys, the secretary of the Assemblies of God executive. I ministered in 3 regional pastors meetings in Cienfuegos, Santa Clara and Santi Spiritus.

Oh boy dinner
Though the pastor's meetings were not planned, these spontaneous gathering provided a wonderful opportunity to pray with pastors as we traveled the central regions of the island and each evening was climaxed by an evangelist rally in a local church.
CUBAN flag
patria muerte
While I was in Cuba, they celebrated Fidel Castro's birthday. To the right is the logo of the UJS, Unidos Jovenil de CUBA, the communist youth movement. Three words at the top of the logo define their mission: ESTUDIO (study), TRABAJO (work) & FUSIL (weapons). This motto defines the earthly task of the communist youth. I have seen them march in the streets shouting, "Patria O Muerte,"(patriotism or death)! There is fresh fire in the lives of Pentecostal Youth for Cuba. Not just words recited, but passion fired by God's Love and Holy Spirit power. These young people love God and love their nation, so miracles will follow.
Communist Youth LOGO